Fashion Designer Ena Genoun On a Mission to Inspire Entrepreneurial Women to Achieve Their Dreams with New Line Ena Soul

Ena Genoun, founder of Ena Soul

Miami-based Ena Genoun, originally from Siberia, to travel to NYFW to spark conversation and excitement about impact-based fashion line

My mission is to inspire social and ambitious women to feel confident in order to lure opportunities for success and manifest their life goals through captivating and bold appearance.”

— Ena Genoun

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, February 8, 2022 / — 2021 marked the second year of the coronavirus global pandemic. Though businesses, and life, slowly began to re-open, normalcy has been replaced by a “new normal,” causing people to rethink their plans and daily lives.

For fashion designer, entrepreneur, and fishing hobbyist Ena Genoun, the pandemic’s impacts hit close to home. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of South Florida, Genoun launched her first fashion venture in 2019: a brick and mortar boutique at the Fort Lauderdale Galleria Mall. It quickly became a local success, until, of course, the economy came to a screeching halt due to COVID. As a result, Genoun had to shutter the boutique and go back to square one.

“At that moment I shook off the distraught and decided I would never give up pursuing my career in fashion. I started from a blank slate, an absolutely new and innovative concept, an e-commerce experience, marketplaces, healthy collaborations, social media buzz, and ultimately to influence women around the world,” Genoun reflected.

Ena Soul is an e-commerce fashion line, platform, and community that will offer contemporary pieces for entrepreneurial women wanting to stand out as they stand up for what they believe in. The brand will also be appearing in global online marketplaces and boutiques.

“My mission is to inspire social and ambitious women to feel confident in order to lure opportunities for success and manifest their life goals through captivating and bold appearance. I have a deep-seated desire to see young entrepreneurs achieve their goals and live out their dreams. I know my struggles can inspire them because I know from personal experience all too well what it requires to overcome hardships and to continue to push forward when the world feels like it’s crumbling around you. Women need confidence because nothing is out of reach,” she added.

Genoun was originally born in Siberia, Russia, and before moving to the States worked in corporate for over a decade. Between her business background and fashion-savvy, Ena Soul is poised to be the next disruptive fashion line, while also making a difference in the world.

Ena Genoun will travel from Miami to New York City for this year’s New York Fashion Week, where she will be solidifying partnerships with other brands, influencers and also shedding light on one of her greatest passions– her nonprofit organization Ocean on the Ocean, which focuses on animal advocacy.

“Ena Soul is detail-oriented, alluring, unique, and conscious–with this in mind, I will fill a gap, instilling women with what they were looking for a long time – confidence, beauty tips, support of like-minded people, and much more at the same place!”

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About Ena Genoun: Ena Genoun is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker on a mission to inspire confidence in ambitious women through captivating and bold fashions. Between her years of experience working in corporate along with her fashion education and eye for contemporary aesthetics, her new line, Ena Soul, is poised for massive success. In her free time, Ena can be found giving back with her nonprofit Ocean on the Ocean, event planning, and fishing with her husband, who’s built a name for himself in the fishing world.

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