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You’ve probably heard that curtain bangs are out and bottleneck bangs are in. Whether you’re

You’ve probably heard that curtain bangs are out and bottleneck bangs are in. Whether you’re taking the plunge at home or in the salon, a few key members from amika’s pro team – Amanda Killen, Kelsey Martin and Mallory Jones – have you covered with everything you need to know about the bottleneck bang and how to perfectly style them for in-salon results at home.

Why bottleneck bangs? “The benefits of bottleneck bangs is that it creates a fuller softness across the forehead. Instead of having a hard line where the hair parts, it’s filled in, giving you more versatility with styling. They also camouflage any tricky areas like cowlicks around the hairline,” said Martin in a media release. Amanda Killen also noted that “they play well with a variety of brow and head shapes,” making this trend accessible to everyone.

Still thinking about curtain bangs? Let Killen convince you otherwise. “One of the main benefits that bottleneck bangs boast over a classic curtain shape is that where curtain bangs tend to be weightier in the center of the face and need the resolve of styling to stay picture-perfect, the soft, open center of bottleneck fringe allow them to be worn waved, round-brushed, or entirely straight without being heavy or sitting in one’s eyes. Furthermore, they can be worn with a center or side part, or no part at all! More versatility and less time between trims – as the shorter center has more room to grow – makes the evolution of this fringe trend a positive in my book.”

For the low-maintenance look: “Bottleneck bangs are great for those dipping their toe into having fringe, since they’re super low maintenance,” Jones said. Her favourite way to style them is to brush the bangs forward and lightly spritz amika’s Power Hour Curl Refreshing Spray ($34 CAD). Comb bangs to evenly distribute the product, and give a little scrunch so they fall naturally to frame the face, but with added body.

For those who blow-dry, Martin suggests first taking a round brush to blow the hair down and forward and then holding your round brush vertically to blow dry the side “neck pieces” away from your face. Hold with a light hairspray like amika’s Fluxus Touchable Hairspray ($34).

For the curly girl, Killen recommended that for a more natural look or to wear with natural curl or wave texture, begin with damp hair and apply amika’s Power Hour Curl Refreshing Spray ($34 CAD) for delicate plumping and curl control. Dry hair with a diffuser, focusing on pinching the center portion together either with your fingers or a setting clip. Finish with a light hold hairspray like amika’s Fluxus Touchable Hairspray ($34 CAD).

For all-day results, Jones suggested that those who blow-dry should apply an even layer of The Wizard Detangling Primer ($34) for easy detangling, heat protection and then spray Power Hour Curl Refreshing Spray ($34) all over and scrunch. After placing creaseless setting clips to hold the bangs in place, use a diffuser on your dryer (set to low/medium heat) and dry waves as they lay. Finish with Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray ($35) to maintain the shape all day, and you’ve got effortless, long lasting hair.

For oily skin types, Killen has a pro tip: For oily skin types, prep the underside of bottleneck bangs with Perk Up Dry Shampoo ($34) on freshly clean hair so you get more wear until your next wash!

– amika