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EXCLUSIVE: Beauty tips to prep your skin for Diwali and get a radiant glow according to Shahnaz Husain

In urban areas and cities like Delhi, pollution is already in the air. Nighttime cleansing is an absolute must. The chemicals in urban air, along with the pollutants from the crackers, are potent skin irritants. They not only cause dryness of the skin but actually disrupt the normal acid-alkaline balance of the skin. They can also cause rashes and other eruptive conditions.

Apart from cleansing the skin twice a day, it should be wiped and refreshed several times during the day, with a rose-based skin tonic or skin freshener. This would help to avoid the effects of the pollutants. Rosewater by itself can also be used.

The air pollutants can also affect the eyes, causing burning or redness. The eyes should be washed with plain water several times. On the evening of Diwali, before the festivities begin, soak cotton wool pads in chilled rose water and use them over the eyes as eye pads. Lie down and relax for fifteen minutes. This really helps to remove fatigue and brightens the eyes.


Use more intense colours for make-up in order to counteract the effects of bright lights. Use extra touches otherwise your face will look pale and drained of colour. So, for Diwali, be more lavish, add more colour and more shine. Go in for more shadowing and more highlighting with your eye make-up. Deepen the shadowing in the crease of the eyelid. This adds more depth to the eyes. For a more dramatic effect, use a dark brown, or dark grey eyeshadow on the eyelids close to the lashes and stroke it upwards and outwards. Then use an eye pencil, or eyeliner to define the eyelids. Use a pearly shadow to highlight the eyelid, just below the outer side of the brow bone. You can even add a touch of gloss under the brow bone, with lip gloss. This also adds depth and helps to contour the eyes. In fact, on Diwali night, it would not be out of place to add some glitter on the eyelids. Mascara will help to add brightness to the eyes and thickness to the lashes. It lends glamour to the make-up. Apply two coats of mascara for the night, but remember to comb out the lashes, so that they do not stick together.


For lipstick, use brighter shades, because artificial lighting drains colour. Avoid very dark colours, like dark brown or dark maroon. A rich reddish colour, pinks, plum, burgundy, coral or amber may be suitable. Line the lips first with a lip liner, as this helps to define the shape of the lips. Fill in colour with a lip brush. Even if you apply a little more, you can always blot it with a tissue and add a touch of translucent powder. This helps to ‘set’ the colour. Add a touch of lip gloss to the centre of the lower lip. Remember to use a blusher as this helps to add colour, blending it well. Add a slight touch of lip-gloss or glitter on the top of the cheekbones. Add the final touch to your make-up with a decorative “bindi”, one to match the colour of your clothes, or a glittering one, set with tiny stones.


Bring out your rich silk sari, or wear plain silk or chiffon with blouses adorned with crystal, mirror work, sequins, or zardozi. Or wear a churidar-kurta ensemble with a heavy sequinned “dupatta.” For the night, warm and richer colours can be worn, like shades of red, magenta, green, purple. Purple can look really rich when worn with goldwork or gold jewellery. Garish gold and silver are out. Zardosi in copper or bronze, dull gold or silver, or crystal trimmings can add trendy glamour. Go for diamond jewellery with crystal or silver, or coloured stones on silver, white gold or platinum. Synthetic clothes are absolutely out for Diwali, as a special precaution.

About the author: Shahnaz Husain is the founder of Shahnaz Husain Group.

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