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Elegance beauty salon: the French style in Miami

Elegance beauty salon: the French style in Miami

This salon belongs to Fabrice and Delphine Mira, a French couple who have been living in Miami for ten years with their three children. Here is their incredible success story in Miami.

The success of Elegance is mainly due to the indisputable talent of Fabrice Mira. “I started in France where I graduated from the hair style school. I worked for a few years from big names like Provost and Biguine before opening my own salon and developing my own technics and style.” Fabrice was already so talented that he became a judge for the annual examination juries of future French stylists for several years. 

“We arrived in Miami 14 years ago. We are originally from Aix-en-Provence where we had a salon, but we have always had this American dream in us, so we left and came to Miami through sponsorship from Nikita, a French hair salon located in South Miami. I worked there for a couple of years, learning the American way”. However, Fabrice’s talent needed its own place and he opened Elegance Beauty salon in Coral gables in 2014 and the success was at the rendez-vous. “Today we are in such demand that we had to move to open a larger salon two years ago and to hire more hairdressers. ” explains Fabrice. 

However, hiring local hairdressers have been a real issue for this talented and busy artist: “you cannot find French stylist in Miami, so I had to change hiring practices. Now I hire enthusiastic young hairdressers and I train them for months until I am confident they can offer the services expected from our clients. Part of my job is definitely to train the next generation of hair stylists.”

Fabrice caters to known and unknown people: his talent has highlighted Lorna Owens from the TV series “And the women gather” but also Florent Pagny, David Guetta, the TV presenter Mr. Cauet, Brianna Barnes for the Oscars, Lili Estefan and many others who appreciate his unique and avant-garde style. Those public figures are a show case for his unique style. Under his leadership, Elegance Beauty salon became THE place to go to, to have the right hair style.

Elegance and its 5 hairdressers offer all types of hairdressing services but they are best known for their “French” sweep which is very appreciated for its natural effect. “Our stylists love what they do, they are motivated, and they tailor to our clients’ needs” Fabrice said.

In addition, Fabrice’s talent makes him critical to Elegance Beauty salon’s success. His leadership and his talents are the two reasons Elegance is such a success story.

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Elegance beauty salon: the French style in Miami