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Effective ways to maintain your coloured hair

While constantly striving hard to refashion your style statements, you tend to ignore the protective shields. These protective shields sum up the effective ways that will help you to enjoy your upgrades for a longer time. One such upgrade that ranks high on your beauty list is hair dye. Hair dye or hair colouring rituals might become an addiction as time evolves. If you want to protect and nourish your coloured hair you must pay heed to these effective ways of maintaining your coloured hair. 


1. Always you a Sulfate Free Shine Restore Shampoo

A sulphate free shampoo will prevent dryness of hair. In addition, it prevents unnecessary breakage and scalp itchiness. If you want to slow down your hair’s colour fading process then switch to a sulphate free shampoo immediately. With 100 percent coconut oil and cider vinegar, your hair will lock required moisture. 


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2. Use coconut oil for nourishing your coloured hair

Oiling your hair at least once a week is mandatory as it prevents unhealthy hair. Coconut oil works well with coloured hair as it stimulates hair growth, prevents breakage, repairs the poor texture of hair and most importantly hydrates your dyed hair. 


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3. Use a Hair Mask at regular intervals

Hair colour gradually makes your hair dry and frizzy. In order to prevent uncontrollable frizziness, you should use a hair mask as the conditioner stands uneffective. If you want your coloured hair to look polished and smooth, always rely on hair masks. It plays a major role in keeping freeziness at bay. 


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4. Use a colour freeze conditioner for effective care

A colour freeze conditioner detangles your hair and maintains colour vibrancy. It also reduces frizz and maximises shine. The conditioner smoothes the hair surface by optimising the ph level to 4.


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5. Use a moisturizing serum for heat protection

Moisturizing serum is highly effective for dry and damaged hair. If you want to protect your coloured hair while ironing then don’t forget to apply a moisturizing serum to block damage caused by heat. A serum infused with argan oil will work like magic. So if you want to style your hair with utmost care, do rely on a serum. 


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Was frizziness and dry hair preventing you from colouring your hair? Now you can colour your hair with vibrant colours and worry not of its side effects. These effective ways will help you to deal with colour treated hair effortlessly. Go add some pop of colours to your hair and slay around with style.


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