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Dos and Don’ts for combating hair loss

Hair is one such sensitive element that requires utmost attention and care. For that you need to focus on your eating patterns and ensure the correct amount of nutrients, Vitamins, and proteins reaches your hair. No matter what kind of shampoo, conditioner or keratin treatments you do, you still miss out on natural and simpler solutions to combat hair loss. Dont stress! We bring to you a list of effective do’s and don’ts to close the chapter of hair loss in your life.


1. Make the use of a WOODEN COMB with wider teeth

The type of comb you use can also be the reason for brittle and unhealthy hair. Don’t use plastic hair combs that have narrow teeth as it may lead to breakage of hair. Switch to wooden hair comb and bid adieu to greasiness, dandruff, hair loss in a jiffy. 


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2. Ditch elastic rubber bands and switch to SATIN SCRUNCHIES 

Elastic rubber bands might pull out your hair every time you tie a ponytail. No matter how high or low the ponytail you tie, breakage of hair and hair loss will definitely pave its way. Switch to silky satin scrunchies as they dont cause any breakage and kinks. In addition, scrunchies do not welcome headaches as much a tight elastic hair tie does. 


Price: Rs. 499

Deal: Rs. 199


3. Use a TOWEL WRAP to dry your wet hair

If you are towel drying your hair after every hair wash, then you are welcoming hair loss. Use a towel wrap or a towel T-shirt to absorb all the water from your wet hair. It avoids tangling of hair whereas your normal towel’s harsh fibers can damage your hair. 


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4. Always OIL your hair once a week

Your hair requires little moisture just like your facial skin. If you put a full stop to oiling your hair then your hair might turn dry and frizzy. It is advisable to use coconut oil once a week so that your hair will lock the correct amount of moisture that it needs. 


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5. Use DETANGLING SHOWER COMB for natural hairstyling

Using heat tools everyday and not playing around with natural hairstyles might result in excessive hair loss. Replace hair irons and curling tools with detangling hair comb. This comb detangle your hair by removing knots gently. It is well suited for wet hair and effective enough after applying a conditioner. Believe us or not, this comb can leave you in awe with its results. 


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Deal: Rs. 298

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Now you can say hello to healthy hair with a wide smile on your face. These hair equipment will help you in combating hair loss in the most natural way. With the correct amount of nourishment, your hair will never disappoint you. But revise all your mistakes that were ruining your hair and replace them with natural ones. Don’t forget to make every hair flip count!


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