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Ditch hair dryers and say yes to oil massages suggests EXPERTS to beat winter dry hair woes

Winter has us thinking about cushiony outfits, boots, coffee, and everything hot. Is that all? This season makes us want to cuddle up but it’s definitely the bad one for your hair. Your beautiful tresses can find it hard to put up with the drop in temps that leaves it frizzy and so parched. While you’re always keen on trying out a new haircut or colouring trends, taking care of your hair simultaneously can make a mighty and glorious difference. Like indulging in masks and a good weekend champi, your hair will love these TLC sessions.


Of the many worries we have, dry hair is currently proving to be the worst one. We turned to a few experts for help and we’re ready to look at healthier and glossier hair days ahead. Let’s look at simple tips and help our tresses to live their best life in winters as well.


Is it time to shampoo your hair? Here’s something to take note of. “When washing your hair, use lukewarm water to help close the cuticles and seal in the moisture. Closed cuticles keep dirt out while also protecting the scalp from pollution”, says Audrey D’Souza, Lead Educator (Hair), Lakmé Salon. 


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Whilst shampoos cleanse out grime, conditioners play an important role in sealing moisture which is vital for every strand to thrive. “Choose the right deep conditioning treatment in the salon or at home that will help maintain the texture of the hair. In winters, avoid using artificial heat to dry your hair and instead, allow it to dry naturally. Frizzy hair is another huge concern during the colder month. To combat this, oil your hair regularly. Massage castor and coconut oil into your scalp as it relaxes it and stimulates blood circulation. It’s also effective in treating dandruff, which is one of the causes of dry skin,” added Audrey. 


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Do you use the same conditioner as you would in summers? Winters craves for oodles of moisture, so maybe it’s the right time to swap and store? “During winters one must replace their usual conditioner with something heavier, a conditioning mask is a great option. This will provide that extra moisture and seal your cuticles which your hair needs. Use a little conditioner and dilute it with water,” said Elton Steve Vessoaker, Brand Director, Jean Claude Olivier India. Need a tip to keep your hair shining? Here’s a tip Elton offered. “Every night, pump serum into your dry hair and brush through to detangle, by the next morning, you see an amazing absorption of moisture resulting in sleeker, glossier hair.” 


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If you’re all for washing your tresses every day during winters, watch out for the trouble that’s bound to crop up. Dr. Nivedita Dadu, Founder & Chairman of Dadu Medical Centre, stated, “Washing your hair excessively will strip it of its vital natural oils that are responsible in keeping the hair moisturised and protected. Try to extend the period between the washes as much as possible. Keep your body hydrated as this will help to encourage hair growth from root to tip. Include antioxidants and marine proteins like Omega-3 in your diet. It helps to prevent the hair from thinning out.” 


How do you take care of your tresses this season? Do you have some go-to remedies? Share it with us in the comments section. 


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