Designer Geraldine Guyot Shares Her Travel Style

Welcome to Style Diaries, a series where we research the physical manifestations of our closet

Welcome to Style Diaries, a series where we research the physical manifestations of our closet tours IRL. We’re asking friends and tastemakers to show us what they’re *actually* wearing during the week and to provide a little insight into their thoughts on the current state of fashion. This week, we follow Géraldine Guyot, co-founder of DESTREE, as she jet-sets across the globe for fashion month and personal ventures. In doing so, she’s come to rely on specific items and silhouettes: structured, vintage-inspired (or actual vintage) pieces and statement accessories—some of which she designs herself.

Look 1: Parisian Store Opening

Photo: Courtesy of Geraldine Guyot

“I’m wearing head-to-toe Dior on my way to the opening of the new Dior store in Paris. The skirt is from last season’s couture show, which I paired with one of my all-time absolute favorite items: the bar jacket. My black Gunther bag finished up the look.”

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Look 2: Dinner in St. Barts

Photo: Courtesy of Geraldine Guyot

“I’ve always been fascinated by the relentless efficiency of accessories. Whatever outfit you wear, accessories will always give it character. I was going out for dinner in St. Barts, wearing a vintage dress from the ‘80’s with my Albert bag to add a bold touch of orange.”

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Look 3: Pre-Wedding Festivities

Photo: Courtesy of Geraldine Guyot

“I wore this suit [ahead of] my wedding and every time I’m in it, I’m reminded of that special time. The outfit came together in a very natural and spontaneous way. This was, to me, the perfect look for the perfect day (and also meant to be since my DESTREE ready-to-wear collection came out just a few days later).”

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Notes on Style

What role does fashion play in your life? How does it serve you?

“I think the best way to approach fashion is to not take it too seriously. Don’t follow trends. Don’t try too hard. Just wear what you love and be your authentic self. I personally love graphic and structured pieces—the ones that retain a sculptural, almost totemic elegance. I like to find timeless and unique pieces, so I’m always looking for some rare vintage couture.”

What does your style look like these days? Do you have a go-to outfit formula or do you prefer to switch it up when getting dressed?

“A staple of mine these days would be Yoshitomo & Amoako suits (in different colors depending on my mood). They’ve been my go-to for the past few weeks as I have been traveling for fashion month. I love the pants’ straight, flared cut and I like that I can go for either a full look with the matching jacket or wear them apart for an effortless chic look.”

What energy are you bringing to your ensembles this season? What are you looking forward to wearing?

“This season, I am bringing a more playful energy to my looks depending on where the day takes me. As I have been traveling back and forth from Paris to New York, I need to be comfortable but chic at the same time.”

In terms of beauty, what does your go-to hair and makeup routine look like and how does that change based on what you’re wearing?

“Since my days are super packed with meetings and events, my morning routine is usually very quick and efficient. I’ve been using the Caudalie line—I love it. I’m obsessed with their cleanser and serums. In terms of makeup, I don’t wear much. I make sure I have an excellent skincare routine, so I never need to use foundation. Depending on how late I am and who I’m meeting with, I will from time to time throw on some lipstick or mascara. As for my hair, I have been using Klorane forever.”