Cop these beauty and makeup tips from your favourite K-drama characters

There is no denying that Koreans have the most exciting and indulgent skincare regimes. They not only master the fashion game but also nail the skincare game. And when it comes to their innovations in the beauty industry, we’re all on board with the K-wagon.

For those who wish to have dewy, flawless skin like their favourite K-drama character — or at least steal a few tips — here are some skincare and makeup tips from your favourite K-Drama characters to include in your routines.

Beauty and makeup lessons from K-Drama characters

Cop the luxurious LED masks

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If you want to indulge in skincare, you should get your hands on the luxurious LED masks seen in The King: Eternal Monarch. The metallic mask uses light-based therapy using 1,026 LED lights to improve skin health, increase collagen, and kiss goodbye to blemishes.

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Consistency is key

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Managing the expectations of an egotistical vice-chairman may be a tough job, which is why Secretary Kim of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? maintains a strict skincare regimen. While her boss credits his glow to his self-proclaimed aura, his secretary follows a restorative nighttime ritual. The Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Duo is at the top of her list of favourites, proving that it’s never too early to incorporate anti-ageing products into your routine. Skincare fans might also know this Korean technique of patting in serums to help the product sink deeper into the skin and increase blood flow to stimulate the cells.

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Your neck needs a skincare regime, too!

Image Courtesy: Netflix

Yoon Se-ri of Crash Landing On You recognises the importance of a devoted skincare routine. Being stuck in a North Korean village couldn’t keep her from following her beauty regime, even if the products had to be smuggled across the border. While using the right products is essential for the best results, her useful advice is to treat your neck the same way you treat your face. A glowing face with a dull neck does not look nice, so apply a few drops of serum and moisturiser on your neck area as well to keep your skin smooth and healthy for longer.

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Choose makeup with skin-loving ingredients

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Sung Deok-mi of Her Private Life likes to include a splash of colour into her makeup looks, as seen by the Sooryehan YEON Silk Rouge Lipstick she uses for a pigmented finish. A nourishing solution like hers, which is coated with ginseng ceramide to trap moisture into the lips, is a guaranteed choice for keeping chapped lips at bay. If you can’t find a hydrating lipstick, start with a layer of lip balm, blot any excess with a tissue, and then apply your favourite lipstick

Incorporate tech tools into your skincare routine

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Yoon Se-ri heads straight for her facial massager, which is a portable tool for skin therapy and 3D vibrational massages, once she is in the comforts of her home. If you’ve been hesitant to include tech tools into your facial regimen, the payback comes in the form of greater nutrient absorption into the skin. Follow her approach and give your face a spa-like massage with the tech device after applying the last layer of moisturiser in your nighttime routine.

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Beauty and makeup tips from popular K-drama characters