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Chiara Ferragni Interview On Her Beauty Routine, Self Care Rituals And Hair Styling Hacks

To say Chiara Ferrangi is an over-achiever would be an understatement. She began her career as one of the first fashion influencers, starting her blog ‘The Blonde Salad’ back in 2009. Fast forward to today, and she has 25 million Instagram followers, her own fashion and beauty brand, a Mattel Barbie named after her, and her success has been used  as a case study at Harvard Business School. 

The 34-year old mum of two has also just been announced as the international ambassador for GHD – a fitting appointment seeing as the entrepreneur is known for her signature blow-dried blonde hair. Here, GLAMOUR catches up with Chiara on how she allows herself to feel sad, her love of beauty treatments, her wellness rituals that form her self care regime and, of course, her tips for runway ready hair. 

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“After I do my hair and makeup, I see myself in a new light”

To me, my makeup and beauty routine is an act of self care and an opportunity to take time for myself. It’s like a mindful moment to really recharge and focus on something that will make me feel my best. I love a natural look, but after I do my hair or makeup, I see myself in a new, fresh light. I’m much more ready to like start my day and start kicking asses! 

“I’m a big fan of facial massage” 

My makeup artist and hair stylist Manuele Mameli always does a long facial massage before he begins to apply makeup. I also do it myself at night, after I take my makeup off, but it’s so much better when a professional does it, so I love facials where they incorporate a lot of lymphatic drainage. It just makes my skin look so much better. 

“My desert island beauty product is the GHD Unplugged”

I usually get a blow-dry, which lasts me a few days, so all I need to do are on-the-go touch ups. The GHD Unplugged Cordless Hair Straightener is perfect for that – I have one in my clutch right now! I also keep one at my office and in my car. It’s so small that it fits in most of my handbags. The only other product I take with me everywhere is hand sanitiser. 

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

“My life motto is, ‘no one queues for a flat rollercoaster’”

The life that I’m leaving right now, I never thought it was possible ever. I try and remember that but I also allow myself to feel down. You can’t always fight the bad and miserable times, you have to accept that life has ups and downs. It’s not about where you are right now, it’s about the whole ride, which is why I always say, “no one queues for a flat rollercoaster”.

The idea of trying to be happy all the time is way too much pressure. We cannot always be at our best, full selves and allowing yourself time to feel will help you appreciate the better days more. 

“I love trying new beauty treatments”

When I’m in LA, I used to do a facial treatment called The Pelleve, which is kind of like ultherapy and it uses heat to help to tighten pores and you can see how sculpted you look immediately afterwards. Other than that, I’ve tried cryotherapy but it’s very cold – I prefer a hot bath!

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