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Check Out These T&C Editor-Approved Family Businesses

Check Out These T&C Editor-Approved Family Businesses

the chantecaille family

Courtesy of the Chantecaille Family

There is a scene I like to quote from The Godfather. (Okay, there are many, but this one is most relevant to the theme.) It’s the one about never taking sides against the family. Remember? If not, you can find it in the November issue. Tell me when you do.

As we approach Thanksgiving 2021, there will be many things that have changed, but for me, one will not. After a turkey lunch in Brooklyn, I will retreat to a sofa somewhere, turn on AMC, and watch The Godfather and The Godfather II, texting friends and matching the dialogue word for word. And I will likely be wearing Lalaounis earrings while doing so—and in a way, it’s a perfect fit. Lalaounis is a different kind of family business: founded by the father, Ilias, and now run by the fabulous four sisters. I wear a piece of their jewelry every day.

Here at T&C we love to write and read about the stories and scandals of family businesses (see our cover star!), and we try to support as many as we can. We keep them close. Here, a few recent and longtime favorites.

MaryKate Boylan, Senior Fashion Editor: House of Aama is a Black-owned line, run by a mother-daughter duo. Mother Rebecca Henry is a lawyer, and daughter Akua Shabaka is a Parsons grad. They presented their first official fashion week show this September.

Kristin Fitzpatrick, Design Director: My brother has always loved to swim, but after he started coaching, he turned his passion into a career, founding Chicago Blue Dolphins Swim School, and I’m proud that he was able to create a business that has made him so fulfilled.

Cassandra Hogan, Fashion Assistant: I love husband-and-wife duo Syna’s jewels!

Water Pitcher


Olivia Hosken, Style & Interiors Writer: Sister Parish, now run by Sister’s great-granddaughter Eliza, is a classic American design brand.

April Long, Beauty Director: The Chantecaille family’s commitment to protecting the environment and endangered species sets the standard for purposeful beauty and makes the company’s cosmetics and skincare even more covetable.

Karen Lubeck, Associate Research Editor: The Town Shop, a lingerie store on the Upper West Side since 1888. It’s now run by the founder’s great-grandson.

Ashleigh Macdonald-Bennett, Assistant Managing Editor: Blithe and Bonny, a mother-daughter-owned bath and body company in Happy Valley, Oregon. They make sustainable products, they donate 10 percent of the profits to charities focusing on saving the bee population, and their products smell amazing!

Erik Maza, Style Features Director: Long Island’s Mama Farm, founded by Isabella Rossellini and led by her daughter Elettra Wiedemann. Come for the free-range eggs, stay for the new B&B!

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Jennifer Newman, Senior Visual Editor: Sahadi’s! A Brooklyn institution with the best hummus in the five boroughs.

Nelida Mortensen, Senior Visual Editor: The Corner Bookstore, a landmark in Carnegie Hill since 1978.

David Murphy, Visual Director: Bilotta Kitchen & Home, started by a father in 1955, is a design firm now run by three siblings.

Dania Lucero Ortiz, Fashion & Accessories Director: Leret Leret sweaters, designed by siblings Andrea and Edouard Leret, are a gentle embrace, made to be worn and treasured.

Lauren Tappan, Assistant to the Editor in Chief: Sushería, owned by Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld, is a Peruvian-Japanese restaurant at the Georgetown Waterfront Park in Washington, DC.

Norman Vanamee, Articles Director: What if Joel Russ had decided not to sell schmaltz herring out of a barrel on the Lower East Side 100 years ago? And what if he hadn’t enlisted Hattie, Ida, and Anne and named the store Russ & Daughters? Thank heaven Joel made the right call.

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Adam Rathe, Arts Editor: Books Are Magic, my local bookstore, owned by husband-and-wife team Michael Fusco-Straub and Emma Straub.

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