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Charlotte Tilbury Interview 2022: The Iconic Makeup Artist Reveals All Her Top Beauty And Skincare Secrets

To create the best-selling shade, Charlotte studied the light and reverse the shade development process to create a shade like no other. “First, I looked at the dominant pink undertones in everyone’s lips to find a shade that enhances and amplifies your natural beauty. Next, I looked at the different tones in pink to build upon the nude and yellow undertones to create a first-of-its-kind, nuanced nude that has a beautifying effect on everyone.” 

Since then, Charlotte has used the Pillow Talk shades backstage, on the runway, red carpet, for weddings and more. “It’s a shade that celebrities and supermodels use over and over from Amal Clooney’s wedding day to Jessica Chastain’s Oscar win, and everyone from Emma Roberts to Sofia Vergara, Jourdan Dunn, Kate Moss and Sabrina Elba is a fan.”

“You can’t have a beautiful painting without a beautiful canvas”

While Charlotte Tilbury is primarily a makeup artist, she’s always been aware of the importance of skincare in creating a makeup look. “I always say ‘you can’t have a beautiful painting without a beautiful canvas,’ and that all starts with a powerhouse skincare routine. No matter where I am, or who I’m getting ready, I always start by prepping the skin.” 

If it’s a glow you’re after, Charlotte recommends layering skincare products for best effect. “If you want your glow to last, layer on your skincare the most gorgeous, plump, smoother looking skin and  a perfect canvas for your makeup.” 

Charlotte learned the importance of skincare from her mother Patsy, who would tell her from a young age that “a great face cream will take you anywhere”. It’s this nugget of advice that inspired Charlotte to create her iconic Magic Cream. “She inspired my obsession working with my skincare scientists to create the perfect moisturiser – it was instilled in me from childhood,” she says. “My mother Patsy will always be my biggest beauty icon. She has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and been my biggest supporter and always has the best beauty advice.” 

“Sometimes I look at people applying foundation and I’m like, ‘what are you doing?’

It must be hard for a pro makeup artist to watch people struggling with application. When it comes to foundation, Charlotte has some simple tips that should result in beautiful coverage. “If you’re using a brush, start in the centre of the face and sweep outwards so you get the concentration on the areas that need it the most. Plus, it means the areas where you want a nice glow, like the outer cheekbones, have the least coverage. It’s the same if you’re using your fingers. Always start at the centre, and work outwards and upwards in circular motions.”