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Caroline Herrera’s Herrera Beauty is Now Available in the U.S.

I first spotted Herrera Beauty backstage at the brand’s Fall/Winter 2020 fashion show. Models walked down the runway with gorgeous, bold lips—the makeup artist revealed it was Herrera Beauty (amazing!) but with bad news: the collection was only available in Europe.


The Sheer Lipstick Refill

Two years later, the gorgeous collection is now available stateside. Herrera Beauty is more than just a collection of lipsticks, tinted lip balms, and powder highlighters. Many of the products come in customizable cases, making them into fashion accessories, too. “The central idea was choice,” says Carolina A. Herrera, the brand’s beauty creative director (and a granddaughter of the iconic designer). “These products are like precious collectibles: You can play with them and make them your own.”


The Lipstick Customizable Cap

If you’re a habitual Good Girl wearer (the brand’s iconic fragrance, a blend of jasmine, almond, and coffee), there’s a bright red lipstick, named “Good Girl Red,” to match. In fact, there are a variety different shades of red lip products in Herrera’s signature color variety of sheer, matte, satin, and balm finishes. (For those who don’t love a rougey lip, there are nudes, berries, pinks, and corals, too.)

“When we decided to create a makeup line, my first thought was, ‘red lips!’” Herrera says. “My mother has always worn a red lip, and we’ve also always had red in our home, whether flowers, roses or carnations, or the décor. In practice, red isn’t as shocking a color choice as you might think. It’s irreverent, slightly sexy, warm.”

Once you’ve selected your shade, the bespoke fun begins. Pick one of the 10 printed cases (designs include hearts and checks) then top it off with decorative elements like tassels and charms. Herrera Beauty is giving the same treatment to its face powders, which can be used to mattify or highlight skin.

The cases for the lipstick, mini tint, and powder are all refillable, helping to create a more beautiful and sustainable future.

“Beauty today is about being, and staying, true to yourself,” Herrera says. “Not trying to mold yourself into any given stereotype.”

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