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Beauty tips: The golden hour glow hacks by celebrity and bridal makeup artists | Fashion Trends

Unless you are living under a digital rock, you would be aware of the selfie game at the golden hour – the time of sunset skies and promises of vibrant colours that illuminate everything it falls upon, making it a great time for taking selfies and amping up our Instagram game. It is no secret that the best pictures are captured during the golden hour hence, this hour is fondly also called the ‘Magic Hour’ as it has the ability to make you look your prettiest.

The golden hour glow has been trending for many years now, especially since Instagram has been the leading social media platform for pictures. It became a popular thing in 2016 on Instagram specially and we got two celebrity makeup artists to spill the beans on how to keep it as natural as possible while aiming for the easiest subtle way to achieve that sunkissed look.

For this, celebrities opt to do sort of the undetectable makeup since red carpet can capture everything on the face, any harsh line or shade difference will break a celebrities look hence, Celebrity and Bridal Makeup Artist Meera Sakhrani suggests bronzer is the most subtle way to achieve that sunkissed look. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, she shared, “The easiest way to achieve this look is with a bronzer that has a hint of shimmer not only shimmer.”

Meera Sakhrani advised, “You can apply it with a fluffy face brush on the temples of your forehead, above the hollows of your cheeks then add some coral blush to your nose and cheeks and some light golden highlights on the higher parts of your face. There you will have that golden glow to your face!”

Revealing a few golden hour glow hacks, Celebrity and Bridal Makeup Artist Mausam Gandhi recommended:

1. Getting your skin care right – Apply a good amount of moisturizer, just enough for the skin to look dewy under the base. A good eye cream is a must to avoid creasing and dry looking skin under the eyes.

2. Base makeup – Opt for a soft blur foundation, this will give you a filter-like coverage. Just the right amount to give a flawless smooth effect.

3. Highlighter is a MUST – Apply on the cheekbones, bridge of your nose, Cupid’s bow and inner corner of the eye.

4. A hack I follow – An extra place to add highlighter is the collarbone and edge of your shoulders. It’s a hack I use for all my shoots and clients to add that oomph factor!

5. Lips – Definitely do a glossy lip, it just completes the look and merges with the vibe. You can opt for any nude lipstick you like.

6. Bronzer – Add bronzer on the cheekbones, that will elevate your game to the next level! It has orange undertones just the right shades to depict the sunlight.

7. Eyeliner – I’d do a thin liner and wing it out a bit to give that edgy vibe and add some mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

8. A little shimmery body oil – It will make heads turn if you’re wearing something that shows off your skin. Apply it at all places where the skin is showing including the stomach and chest. This will make you look picture perfect.

9. Use a beauty blender for the base – It will make sure it’s blended well and not overdone. We want to keep the look very ‘lit from within’.