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Beauty tips: Experts share tricks for smudge proof makeup in summers | Fashion Trends

From skin minimalism where people embraced the natural texture of their skin to clean beauty to supporting sustainability, 2021 saw it all and it’s safe to assume that 2022 will be the year of damage control more than damage repair with more people drawn towards skincare and understanding its importance but come summers and most of us won’t even dare apply any makeup, just for the fear of it melting away and making us look like we are having a bad makeup day. However, we are always game for trying many notable beauty and makeup trends from 2021 that included the emergence of the Vitamin C skincare range, awareness about chemical peels and increasing demand for Korean skincare.

So how do we make sure that our makeup will not budge through the heat? In an interview with HT Lifestyle, celebrity and bridal makeup artist Meera Sakhrani, answered by sharing a list of steps on how to achieve smudge proof makeup with skin prepping:

1. Start with icing the face as it will keep the skin temperature in control for a couple of hours and close the sweat gland temporarily.

2. The next step should be a light serum or a thin moisturizer that’s gel based, anything that has oil in it will make the makeup melt away.

3. Apply foundation in thin layers and make sure it doesn’t have a lot of oil in it. Don’t forget to set it with a light layer of powder and it’s going to be your best friend this summer. Powder soaks up any excess oil and sweat throughout the day, so if you have naturally oily skin, stick to powder form of make up rather than liquid and cream.

4. Lastly, a setting spray that helps your makeup stay, the ‘one size’ setting spray and ‘the milk’ makeup spray is really strong and won’t let your make up move.

Meera Sakhrani said, “There are a lot of new products that you can add in your foundation to make it waterproof but the old techniques have stayed with us for years for a reason and are fool proof so I would like to carry on with them.”

Given that it can sure be tricky to deal with makeup in summer, celebrity and bridal makeup artist Mausam Gandhi advised ways in which it will not budge through the heat:

1. Always use a thin layer of water based moisturizer during summer, you don’t want a thick cream on as it will make you feel sticky instantly.

2. Use a tinted sunscreen. This means less layering = less sweat.

3. Surely use a loose powder all over the face, it will tend to look dewy with time once you step out. Lucky for you, dewy skin is at the top of the game right now

4. Use a powder base blush that has a shimmer, so you have a blush + highlighter in 1 product.

5. Avoid liquid, cream and pencil eye shadows. Opt for powder based light shades. Darker shades may settle into your crease due to the heat.

6. A waterproof liner and mascara would be ideal!

7. A setting spray is a must! It’s going to keep your look together for hours through the heat. MAC has one of the best ones, it’s called fix plus. Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury and Smashbox also have good ones.

8. A matte lipstick will last longer than sheer finish but that’s something you can opt for since you can carry the lipstick with you for a quick touch up.

Mausam Gandhi shared, “Few more hacks to save the day, keep a blotting paper with you to dab the sweat. A soft surface tissue will work too. Keep a loose powder and brush handy to touch up every few hours to make sure everything’s in place. You can also spray some rose water on a muslin cloth and dab your entire face. It will feel extremely refreshing! Lastly, a few sprays of scented setting spray will make you feel good.”

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