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Beauty benefits of honey – Times of India

The transformation capabilities of commonly found organic products have been observed since ancient times. You don’t really need to step out of your house to banish most of your beauty concerns. Centuries before cosmetics and chemicals took over, the Egyptians used honey as a natural moisturizer, the Chinese were busy restoring their youthful skin with jade rollers, and Ayurveda prescribed home remedies for many skin ailments.

There are countless beauty uses of Honey and we all see how it is a major ingredient in many face masks, shampoos, lip balms, lotions and much more. When it comes to giving long-lasting skin and beauty benefits, honey is literally liquid gold. From relieving dry skin and curing acne, to treating burns and as a relaxing bath soak at the end of a busy day, Honey has multiple beauty benefits. Why use harsh chemicals when you can dip into universally-accepted ancient books for long-lasting beauty benefits? Humble, rural societies are even now practising natural remedies that are a goldmine of DIY hacks, to bypass skin concerns and to maintain beauty naturally.

Natural sskin-healer and anti-ager

Honey has natural skin healing properties, is a great collagen booster and therefore, a great anti-ager as well. In its natural form, honey is produced by enzyme activity, plant matter, and live bacteria coming together to create a powerful ingredient with hundreds of practical uses. Raw, unpasteurized honey helps in clearing acne, healing scars, evening out skin tone, brightening dull skin, and is used for treating auto-immune skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Moisturizer and Exfoliator

Since honey is a natural humectant, it adds moisture or humidity naturally and treats dull skin, restoring its natural glow. It also has natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The emollient works on all skin types. It may be mixed with oatmeal to give you soft, nourished, cleansed and moisturized skin, or may be used by itself. A lemon and honey mask lightens dark spots and aids in cellular turnover, as honey is an excellent natural anti-bacterial agent. Since raw honey crystalizes over time, the tiny granules act as a gentle exfoliant. Further, it also has toning, smoothening, brightening, depigmentation and anti-ageing properties, the reason it has been used since centuries as a beauty agent. It contains hydrogen peroxide which aids in fading scars, and sun-damaged skin.

Acne and scar treatment

The earlier you start using honey the better it is. Most young people face acne issues in their teens or may be out in the sun for long hours for sports activities. Honey’s natural antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties help in calming teenage acne, clear out pores, kill bacteria, control scars caused by sunburn. The thickness acts as a barrier from infections that might try to make their way into scalded skin. According to Ayurveda, ghee mixed with honey can be applied on wounds, blisters and inflammation to effectively cure them.

Clears skin blemishes and heals inflammation

For best beauty benefits, use unpasteurized raw honey and explore its full potential. Other types of honey are heated and filtered to increase shelf life, which in turn lessens its enzyme-rich properties. The dark honey varieties have even a higher antioxidant count. It’s vital that the honey you use still contains its healthy bacteria to be effective on skin. This will help in dealing with inflammation, redness and blemishes on skin.

Flawless skin and relaxing bath soak

A spoonful of honey helps in uninterrupted sleep, as it causes a slow, steady spike of insulin, which converts to serotonin and melatonin, two chemicals that help you fall asleep. A sound sleep in turn helps you in getting a glowing and flawless skin. A honey-infused soak will help you meet your relaxation goals. The hydrating power of honey will make your skin super soft and silky. It’s a superfood, with tremendous beneficial properties–a nature’s gift that keeps on giving!

The benefits

Honey is produced by enzyme activity, plant matter, and live bacteria coming together to create a powerful ingredient with hundreds of practical uses.

It’s a natural humectant

It’s a gentle exfoliant

It contains hydrogen peroxide which aids in fading scars and sun-damaged skin

With inputs from Deepak Agarwal, Founder, Auric.