Ariana Grande Carried 60s Vintage Look

Ariana Grande looks stunning at her Beauty Campaign. Hollywood is something that knows how to carry any fashion, doesn’t matter whether it is modern or it is retro. We have seen that how fashion has always been known through the faces in Hollywood.

Now it has come to an amalgamation of all kinds of looks, retro is something that has again become the vogue. From keeping the loose pants to short mini skirts and that vibe of the ’90s in themselves have become a trend now. We have seen Ariana Grande who maintained it very well.

Arian Grande who is 28 years old has always defined fashion in her taste and style. From an actress to singer and now as a businesswoman, we have seen her caring for every look from real to reel. Ariana who was seen a lot of times in retro look has again adapted this. We have seen her very much in vogue and style in her recent photos.

We can see her in the vibe of the ’60s. She was wearing an orange and white bikini top. It was in stripped style. She was also wearing gloves that were so common in the ’60s. She has maintained this look with a mini skirt in white color. She was also wearing white sunglasses.

What Ariana Grande Shared About Her Beauty Campaign?

Ariana Grande

When it comes to her hairstyle then she has decided to keep her high pony taill back and adapted the low ponytail, just to maintain the look. She was wearing very beautiful make-up from her make-up line that is r.e.m. In terms of eyeshadow, it was a baby doll shade.

She has also applied eye pencil too. She loved herself in matte lipstick and that is why she went with roller skates. She has uploaded this picture with the little caption of her looking for 2022: “starting down 2022 like…” She has also added black heart emoji with sunglasses.

Ariana is now on the same line as Kylie and Rihanna. She has launched her own makeup line called r.e.m. It was in October 2021 when she kept her cosmetic brand on the front face. It was through Allure that she has introduced her makeup line. In an interview, Ariana said that it was very hard for her to keep the secret related to her makeup thing.

People used to ask her about her highlighters and lipstick but she has never opened her mouth. Now it is clear that these all things were from her r.e.m. She has first launched the makeup of her eyes.

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Ariana Grande Carried 60s Vintage Look And Her r.e.m. Cosmetics For Her Beauty Campaign!