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An Inside Look Into Brampton’s Creative Dezeynne Studio

November 22, 2021 (2 Minute Read)


Photo: Kavita Kapil, a Brampton-based entrepreneur who founded Dezeynne Studio. (Image Courtesy of Dezeynne Studio)

By Kuwarjeet Singh, Contributing Editor

Kavita Kapil is a Brampton entrepreneur who founded Dezeynne, a creative agency that specializes in creative direction and brand development for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. With a passion for design, Kapil works closely with her clients to understand their business goals and create compelling content strategies that elevate their brands.

“The name was an interesting process,” referring to her business name, “And for me, I love naming businesses, I feel like it’s such a fun process. I wanted to have the word design in the name somehow, but without actually having to write design.”

Located in Brampton, Dezeynne is a creative agency and studio rental space. A combination of creative storytelling and modern design aesthetics is at the core of every project they do with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands.

“So I started design work back in 2012, and having my own business was kind of always an end goal. I live in a family of entrepreneurs. So it was kind of ingrained in my mind to have my own business,” says Kapil.

Kavita Kapil of Dezeynne

Kapil, while explaining the services they provide, says “We do everything from website development, to branding, to art, directing, photoshoots, or giving ideas on how you should basically build your brand.

On the creative agency side, Kapil and her team can help other creatives grow their businesses, but also they can come to the studio to do it themselves.

As for the photo studio side, clients can use the studio space to create their content, whether it’s through photography, videography, or whatever they need. , they can do that there.

Their studio can also be used to host private events. In Brampton, there aren’t many small and intimate spaces to rent for studios or for private events that have stunning and creative backgrounds. Kapil remembers a lot of her friends getting married, and they would have to rent out a room in someone’s apartment due to lack of small and elegant space options.

“When I graduated from University, and working with a few retail companies in Toronto, I got a lot of experience within the fashion world and within the eCommerce marketing space. And so my passion for design, fashion, and beauty, my business idea cultivated and grew.”

She went to York University and received a Bachelor’s degree with honours in Design, Graphic Design. Thereafter, Kapil worked for Hudson’s Bay, followed by Tip Top Tailors, which at last led to now recently opening Dezeynne studio.”

Since the pandemic restriction easing, and activities are beginning again, creative professionals may want to go out and take photos more for the business and do more events.

“I think it’s kind of a great time for this design studio to pop up in Brampton. Yet at the same time, it’s hard to work in a hybrid workspace where you have to attend meetings in person and also do work online.”

“Building a client base is definitely the biggest challenge, and just finding where you should be looking to network, whether you should do it online or in person. Everyone’s business is different and requires a different approach, so building that client base was the biggest challenge.”

Dezeynne Studio now offers studio rental spaces to creatives and individuals looking to promote their brands. You can give your photoshoots a brand new look and feel with carefully curated rooms. To bring your vision to life, Kapil and her team also work with a network of leading independent creatives.