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An Honest Review of Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Nose

An Honest Review of Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Nose

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If you’ve ever used a pimple patch, you’re already familiar with hydrocolloid, the magical material responsible for soaking up your worst blemish gunk. Backed by countless skincare brands, hydrocolloid is extremely effective at absorbing liquid. Commonly utilized in a smaller, pimple-sized form, the skincare’s community favorite gunk-sucker got an oversized makeover for its inclusion in Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Nose

Like your favorite pore strip, the Mighty Patch Nose targets the nose aid, ridding pores of debris and dirt. However, as it’s made of hydrocolloid, this particular pore strip can also reduce the appearance of pimples and absorb excess oil. Sounds like a genius beauty invention, right? Amazon shoppers apparently agree, as the brand told InStyle that it sold out within six hours of its debut.

Thankfully, the Mighty Patch Nose is back in stock, and I was lucky enough to receive a sample. My first experience with the strip was met with a mixture of emotions. I was incredibly impressed by its effectiveness and noticed an instant reduction in nose shine. However, I was also kind of disgusted. After wearing the sticker for the recommended six hours, I could not believe how much the product had absorbed. (Note: The patch gradually whitens in color as it absorbs liquid and cleanses the pores)

Shoppers are equally impressed by the product, writing, “My nose has large pores, and after just the first use I was wowed. This helped absorb excess oil so my nose pores look smaller and clearer.” Another reviewer noted, “Leaves my pores looking small and gets those blackheads under control. My nose is no longer beachfront property (if blackheads were real estate).”

Hero Cosmetics notes that the experience of using this pore patch is vastly different from what you might have encountered using other pore strips. You shouldn’t notice any sticky post-removal residue on the nose and the hydrocolloid makes for an easy removal process. 

“I will choose these over any other nose pore strips. These are so soft and actually work on getting the gunk out over time,” one reviewer remarked. Others with sensitive skin also said the patch was “gentle and didn’t irritate.” 

I was able to seamlessly remove the patch after a few hours of wear, but I did find that it does take some maneuvering to get the sticker to lay correctly over the nose. With continued use, the application process got easier.

My nose is notoriously oily and after using the sticker for an entire week, I have definitely noticed a difference in this area of skin. In fact, I even received a few compliments. Ready to try this wonder product for yourself? Pick up your own pack from Amazon or Hero Cosmetics before it sells out again.