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8 Fashion And Beauty Bloggers To Follow ASAP!


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A pandemic doesn’t stop you from eating your favourite dishes, reading classic novels, and working from home, then why should your beauty and fashion be compromised? Listed down below is a list of the eight fashion and beauty bloggers that we believe are changing the definition of fashion and beauty everyday.

1. Ankita Chaturvedi – Corallista


Image: Instagram

Beauty blogger and influencer Ankita Chaturvedi started her journey as an IIT graduate but soon became one of the top beauty bloggers from India. She started her blog Corallista back in January 2011 followed by making her YouTube channel in 2013. With over 300k followers on Instagram, she is now a certified makeup artist and a champion of body confidence for women. Right from wedding makeup looks to targeted makeup for eyes and lips, you’ll find everything to pick from. 

2. Santoshi Shetty

Santoshi Shetty

Image: Instagram

From being criticised since her early childhood for her dark skin to being known for her fashion choices she has transformed fashion into this whole revolutionary statement.

She first started out with studying Architecture and realised her unconditional love for fashion. From being unconventional in her style, she has made it to the Cosmopolitan and Elle as the blogger of the year list. If you’re looking to make a bold statement about anything you wear, Santoshi Shetty would charm you in all ways.

4. Purushu Arie

Purushu Arie

Image: Instagram

From launching India’s first gender-neutral clothing line, Purushu Arie is set to change all the norms of our society. He started out his journey in 2009 from NIFT Delhi when he first created his blog. As a firm believer of the philosophy of hedonism, he wants the world to be comfortable in experimenting with clothing regardless of gender.

He is one of the official fashion bloggers for the Fashion Design Council of India, gets around 50,000 views per month. His ethics and beliefs will make you fall in love with fashion and with yourself all over again, but this time, with a sense of individuality.

5. Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana

Image: Instagram

Kritika Khurana has been trending since 2013 when she started the trend of posting OOTD- Out Of The Day on Instagram and gained immense popularity. Realising that people loved the way she experimented with her clothes and serving inspiration from her looks. Followed by which she decided to start her own fashion blog called ‘That Boho Girl’ in 2014. In the same year, she had her YouTube channel and her online clothing store ‘The hype’.

From her weight loss journey, shopping on a budget, keys to street shopping to motivational videos, she’s being an all-rounder ever since she started. She could help you change and evolve your style gradually as you stay with her throughout her journey.

6. Pia Shah

Pia Shah

Image: Instagram

Being the perfect definition of trendy and aesthetic combined, Pia Shah is half Indian and half Philippino and has made it to the list of fashion and beauty bloggers you should follow ASAP.

What stands out about Pia the most is her ability to connect with the audience. With being the most active on social media, she never fails to put on a good caption for her pictures which not only make you laugh but relate to her. With her posting trendy outfits daily, one can get inspired to creating iconic outfits from scratch.

7. Shreya Jain

Shreya Jain

Image: Instagram

Although she’s an engineer, she was always inclined towards makeup and taking care of herself. In 2010, she started her YouTube channel and posted videos reviewing makeup products and beauty tips.

With 430K and more following her each day, she has also worked as a stylist in fashion shows like Amazon India Fashion Week and Lakme Fashion Week. Reportedly, she is the first beauty blogger to launch her own line of beauty products. She can not only give you great suggestions regarding a new product in the market but also teach you exotic makeup looks that you can create yourself.

8. Aanam Chashmawala

Aanam Chashmawala

Image: Instagram

‘A complete Bombay girl in my 20’s with a graduation degree in Mass Media; who loves to read, write, bathroom sing and enjoys everything with a pinch of Karan Johar style drama.’ , says Aanam’s blog

This Indian Beauty Blogger Of The Year winner will never fail to impress you with her makeup reviews and makeup looks. With daily updates about fashion, beauty and her life on her blog, she is a mother of two and keeps us inspiring to accept our real beauty inside.