7 Simple yet effective ways to rejuvenate your skin and hair post Diwali according to experts

The Diwali week has finally come to an end and as we head back to normalcy, one thing that should be a top priority right now is getting your skin back to normal. Last week had us glamming up with lots of makeup by trying out new looks. Not just that, the pollution levels shot up thanks to the crackers burst during the festival. Apart from that, late nights, early mornings, consumption of lots of sugar and alcohol can also wreak havoc on the skin.

In need of some simple yet effective pick-me-ups? We spoke to 3 beauty and skincare experts who shared insightful tips on how to rejuvenate your skin post the festival.

Renowned Dermatologist Dr Ajay Rana believes that the most basic thing you can do for your skin is to follow the CTM method religiously. Apart from cleansing, toning and moisturising, the dermat believes that nothing works better than, “Applying Vitamin E essential oil rich creams. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water which is the best remedy for glowing skin. And wrap up your daily skincare routine with a smear of sunscreen. Use a powerful UV protectant that fights free radicals and keeps the skin healthy and glowing.”

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According to Korean beauty expert, Janvi Kapadia at Quench Botanics, one of the biggest reasons for breakouts is clogged pores. “When your skin has been exposed to frequent use of heavy makeup it’s important to deep cleanse and clear the pores. I recommend double-cleansing. While the concept of using an oil-based cleanser and then a water-based cleanser deep cleanses the skin, it ensures that it does not over dry skin and strip off its natural moisture.” The expert also stresses the importance of exfoliation. “Makeup residue left behind on skin may not be visible but is definitely enough to cause breakouts. Use a clay mask that suits your skin type 2-3 times a week,” she recommends.

Stressing on the importance of exfoliation, Nandeeta Manchandaa, beauty expert and founder of ENN also recommends masking up to bring your skin back to life. To rescue the ailing skin, “Applying a mask helps to get the makeup out of your pores and cleanse the skin.” Simple kitchen remedies will do the trick and bring your skin back to life.


But it’s not just the skin for hair too needs a fair dose of pampering. “Give your hair some much-needed love by massaging, and exfoliating the dead cells. All the hairstyling might have harmed your hair lengths. Applying oil and masking would help you to get the natural shine back,” Manchandaa adds about a simple yet effective way to bring back dull hair to life.

Another way to prevent acne from all the makeup and clogged pores is “The steam technique. Steaming helps with deep-cleansing the skin,” Dr Ajay Rana adds.

It is also best to avoid the consumption of junk food and opt for well-planned nutritious meals as during the festive week a high amount of sugar and oils were consumed that can damage the skin.

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