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6 Beauty tips Birthday Girl Son Ye Jin SWEARS by for flawless and glassy skin

Koreans truly have a number of beauty secrets up their sleeves. Their skincare routine is detailed, long and has proven to deliver impressive results. Case in point is one Hallyu star, Son Ye Jin. The Crash Landing on You star turns 40 today and we have trouble believing it! The actress, who will next be seen in the drama, Thirty, Nine, has a set skincare routine that is almost effortless to follow.

The Negotiation actress talked to Female Magazine a few years ago and shared her skincare routine and secrets. Read on to know them!

No 10-step skincare routine
The popular K-beauty method isn’t for Jin who discovered she has oily skin. The actress said in an interview that “Having too many steps is too much. I prefer something simple,” and reiterated that it all depends on the person’s skin type!

While 10 steps might be too much for her, the star makes it a point to religiously follow what’s been working for her. Jin is meticulous about cleansing her skin. Initially, plain water used to be her go-to for cleansing her skin but over time, once the actress discovered she had oily skin, she swears by cleansing her face with a cleanser. “Even when my schedule ends late at night, I would still cleanse my face,” she reiterates that going to sleep with makeup on is an absolute no-no.

Sheet masks
For a quick fix and a boost of hydration before an important event, Jin believes that sheet masks are extremely effective. They are also travel-friendly which makes it convenient for the actress to carry around when she’s overseas.

DIY eye masks
Even the Korean star knows the importance of natural remedies for the skin and hair. The actress picked up on something her mom has been using for her face and now swears by it. Cucumber is known for its cooling and hydrating properties and she still swears by it for her eyes!

Manage diet
Like any skincare expert or even nutritionist will tell you, what goes inside your body reflects on your skin. Son Ye Jin also believes in the same ideology. The actress ensures she drinks enough water throughout the day. With a tight schedule, the actress adds that getting enough sleep might not be on the cards for her but “I try to drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruits,” the actress said during an interview.

A mandatory product in her vanity, Jin doesn’t step out without applying a religious amount of sunscreen that she mixes with her BB cream or foundation base. This works much better than not wearing any makeup base at all, the actress revealed.

Here’s wishing the forever young star a very happy birthday!

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