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5 Types of oils that can do wonders to your hair

To protect your hair from unwanted elements, do make sure that you oil them at least once a week. Your hair too requires the correct amount of nourishment and keeps scalp problems at bay. Nevertheless, oiling your hair will protect your hair and ultimately prevent wear and tear. Check out 5 types of oil that can make your hair healthier and happier.


1.  Almond Oil

Almond oil is a rich source of Vitamin B and SPF 5. It is largely responsible for protecting your hair from sun damage and split ends. To make your hair softer and stronger, you need to rely on almond oil. Also, while preparing a DIY hair mask at home, do make sure you add a few drops of almond oil to see the magic in your hair.


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2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the solution to tame frizzy hair and heal breakage. Coconut oil has a lot of beneficial elements to offer in return. It acts as a moisturiser, nourisher and plays an active role in penetrating the cuticle of your hair. Applying coconut oil will indeed promote strong, shiny, glossy and thick hair. 


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3. Castor Oil

Castor is popularly used to decrease all the chances of hair breakage. It is the number one solution to fight scalp problems and acquire dandruff free hair. Castor oil has a thick consistency to add a few drops of coconut oil. While applying make sure that the oil enters in the follicles. It offers a great hair fall therapy and provides voluminous hair. 


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4. Olive Oil

Olive oil plays an intense conditioning role for attaining strong and shiny hair. It deeply moisturises your hair and skin by soothing dryness. In addition, it controls frizz with its strong inflammatory properties. Mix the olive oil with a few drops of coconut oil for additional benefits. Nevertheless, it also helps in circulation of blood cells of your scalp. 


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5. Argan Oil

Argan oil is like a serum. You can manage your frizzy hair and detangle your hair after every wash. It promotes hair growth and hair conditioning. If you want to manage curly hair, then this argan oil can do wonders while playing with your hairdos. Most importantly, argan oil prevents all kinds of damage especially those related to styling and colouring. 


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Now nothing will stop you from achieving healthy and happy hair. Pamper yourself by adding these oils to your hair care regime. We are sure you can’t wait to see the mesmerising magic of these oils. Plan your spa and oily sessions right away and play with innumerable hairdos everyday.


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