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5 easy, effective and must-try tips to detox your skin post Valentine’s Day glam

5 easy, effective and must-try tips to detox your skin post Valentine’s Day glam

One of the obvious joys of dressing up for dates is slaying your makeup game that’s if you’re a lover of painting your face with pigments. All that Valentine’s Day fever is over, now let’s get to the reality for the love of your skin. Here’s where the bummer is, we tend to ignore the post-care our skin needs after all the layering of products we expose it to unapologetically. Nothing better than making your skin sit through a good detox and letting it bounce back to its normal no-makeup self. Simply because our love for healthy skin knows no bounds. 

Find below a bunch of ways to ready, set, detox your skin. Nothing like clean (from grime) skin that looks healthy and glows naturally. 

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1) Free it from makeup: Get a makeup remover that agrees with your skin. Use cotton pads to soak in the solution to remove makeup. And, follow it up by cleansing it with a gentle face wash or an exfoliating scrub that can help you well. This will ensure a clear base. 

2) Toners to the rescue: Nothing as pleasing for your skin as your everyday CTM routine. Dab toner on your skin with clean hands. This is a must if you’re not going in for deep exfoliation, as this step can help in complete cleansing. It also restores the pH balance of your skin, tightens large pores, and keeps your skin hydrated. 

3) No more dry skin: Your skin can easily be prone to dryness post all the cleansing formulas that you hit it up with. The best option you have is to look for formulas that do a promising job with ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin C, and alike. This can help your skin get back its supple self. 

4) Glossy nails are a mood: If you’re one of those who took hours to settle with one just one hue after multiple trials, we’re sure you’ve had many sessions with your nail polish removers. That’s the kind of hydration your skin never asked for. Nothing like running cuticle oil on your nail beds. This can help your nails shine, improve their appearance, and shield your nails from further damage. 

5) Pesky toxins say no more: All the bronzer you slathered on your skin like there’s no tomorrow has it glowing. It looked fancy for a night but your skin loves a bare game. So, for a quick wash with shower gels before you call it a night. Add a few spoons of sea salt into your water, this does not aid in exfoliation, it softens your skin and is supremely relaxing. 


Do you have a few go-to skin detox tips? Share it with us in the comments section. 

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