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16 Hair care products that will give a life to your lifeless hair

16 Hair care products that will give a life to your lifeless hair

The increase in the number of environmental pollutants, climate changes, inadequate diet and unbalanced in-take of nutrients may result in threatening hair related issues. To solve them all, you need to invest in effective and life enhancing hair care products. With the emergence of new hair care brands and upteem solutions to cure dandruff, scalp and hair growth problems,it becomes difficult to choose the best. In order to give a life to your lifeless hair, you must possess the primary hair care essentials. Power packed shampoos, conditioners and hair oils are the three main categories of hair care products that pop up by default. 

Our top picks of hair care products

1. Bajaj 100{adb1ce361e4d115852a5ecc77da1fcd21e68b5d23904b1abbfd33825d7fe0fb5} Pure Jojoba Oil- Buy Now

2. Indulekha Bringha Oil- Buy Now

3. Oleum Cottage Deeply Conditioning Hair Spa Oil- Buy Now

4. L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Shampoo- Buy Now

5. Wella Professionals Invigo Nutri Enrich- Buy Now

6. Forest Essentials Hair Conditioner- Buy Now

7. Herbal Essences bio: renew Argan Oil of Morocco CONDITIONER- Buy Now

8. Schwarzkopf Professional Keratin Smooth Perfect Conditioner- Buy Now

9. Trichup Healthy Hair Care Kit- Buy Now

10. WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Oil Hair Care Ultimate 4 Kit- Buy Now

Today, you can begin your hair-care session by adding the most effective essentials to your cart. After glancing through our list of top picks, we are sure you have got a gist of everything that your lifeless hair needs at the moment. So without much ado, let’s get started. 

In this article 

1. Things you need to solve your hair care concerns

2. Hair care products

– Hair care oil 

– Hair and care professional shampoos

Hair care conditioners 

– Hair care kits 

3. Hair care products and their order of usage

Dandruff, itchy scalp, frizzy hair, dull and damaged hair, hair fall, hair loss, greasy hair are the most common hair issues that women have encountered in the current contemporary era. With the increase in the number of hair dying options, chemical treatments and not so advisable hair products, your hair falls prey to damages that upset you miserably. 

To bring the lost shine of your hair back, to protect your hair from environmental pollutants and quench the thirst of your irritated scalp with necessary nutritions, you must snatch a glimpse of the things that will solve your hair care concerns. 

Things you need to solve your hair care concerns

These are your go to solutions to make every hair flip count. After glancing through the solutions, you must be pondering for dependable yet effective hair care products. Why fear when we are here? Roll over and check out the three main categories of hair care products namely hair care oil, hair care shampoos and conditioners. In addition to this, we also have jotted down the worth investing in hair care kits. Now nobody can stop you from flaunting shiny, silky and lustrous healthy hair. 

Hair oils? Shampoos? Conditioners? Hair care kits? We have got them all. Scroll down and add your hair’s best companion to your cart straight away. 

A. Hair care oil

1. Bajaj 100{adb1ce361e4d115852a5ecc77da1fcd21e68b5d23904b1abbfd33825d7fe0fb5} Pure Jojoba Oil

This Bajaj 100{adb1ce361e4d115852a5ecc77da1fcd21e68b5d23904b1abbfd33825d7fe0fb5} Pure Jojoba Oil is known to moisturise and condition your hair. It helps to make your skin supple and smooth. It is a virgin, cold pressed oil suitable for both hair and skin. It has no added chemicals, no additives and available in variants of your choice. 

Why Bajaj 100{adb1ce361e4d115852a5ecc77da1fcd21e68b5d23904b1abbfd33825d7fe0fb5} Pure Jojoba Oil? 

This hair oil is paraben and silicone free. It is non-sticky and extremely light on hair and skin. With 4.8 out of 5 stars ratings on Amazon, this hair oil is all that you need to feel the wind in your hair. It doesn not have any artificial fragrance and a pure form of oil. 


Price: Rs. 999

Deal: Rs. 699

Buy Now

2. Indulekha Bringha Oil

This oil is 100 percent ayurvedic oil that is clinically proven to reduce hair fall. The four hero ingredients namely bringharaj, amla, vatadha and svetakutaja will offer utmost nourishment to your hair. The oil is rich in antioxidants and minerals that is meant for growing new hair, increasing the level of blood circulation and promoting a healthy scalp. 

Why Indulekha Bringha Oil? 

This hair oil is a must have hair care product that comes with a direct scalp applicator. The handpicked herbs that are cooked under natural sunlight strengthens hair follicles and provide required nourishment. 


Price: Rs. 1,170

Deal: Rs. 971

Buy Now

3. Oleum Cottage Deeply Conditioning Hair Spa Oil

This oil is formulated with the help of therapeutic oils. If you are a victim of dry and damaged hair and a dandruff prone scalp, then this hair spa oil is all that you need. With this oil, you will embrace healthy and shiny hair. It reduces dandruff and itchiness. What’s more? It brings damaged hair back to health. 

Why Oleum Cottage Deeply Conditioning Hair Spa Oil?

This conditioning hair spa oil contains four key ingredients namely wheatgerm oil, rosemary oil, castor oil and peppermint oil. It has a mesmerising aroma that will awaken your senses. It is a non-greasy oil that will wash off easily. 


Price: Rs. 1,000

Deal: Rs. 800

Buy Now

4. Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil

As the name suggests, Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil is formulated with onions that increases blood supply to improve hair growth and prevent hair fall. In addition to onion, almonds and redensyl also boost the quality of your hair. It repairs hair damage, prevents hair loss and makes your hair healthy, glossy and smooth. 

Why Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil? 

This hair oil is enriched with natural, cruelty-free ingredients. It provides all forms of nourishment to the scalp that makes your hair lustrous. It contains a marvelous blend of nourishing oils such as sunflower oil, amla oil, hibiscus oil and bhringraj oil. With 4.1 out of 5 stars, this hair oil will be your hair’s forever companion. 


Price: Rs. 599 

Deal: Rs. 508

Buy Now

B. Hair and care professional shampoos

1. L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Shampoo

This shampoo comes with protein and gold quinoa for dry and damaged hair. It offers deep nourishment for thick and damaged hair with its 13 times hair damage resistance formula. It conditions, repairs and nourishes your hair with professional formula. 

Why L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Shampoo? 

This shampoo contains proteins and superfood quinoa to store the fibre of your hair. This shampoo is meant for strengthening your hair. What’s interesting? It is one of the most recommended hair products by professional hairdressers. 


Price: Rs. 695

Buy Now

2. Wella Professionals Invigo Nutri Enrich

This shampoo is a number one solution to pamper your hair with if they have undergone any chemical or colour treatment. This shampoo has the power to nourish dry and stressed hair. It makes your hair soft, silky and non-frizzy. 

Why Wella Professionals Invigo Nutri Enrich? 

It has a fruity and musky scent that refreshes and awakens your senses. Your hair will be soft on touch and fragrant. This shampoo allows your scalp to breathe. If you have coloured or treated your hair with chemicals, this professional shampoo will keep your hair healthy for a prolonged period. 


Price: Rs. 620

Deal: Rs. 611

Buy Now

3. Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo with Bringaraja

This anti hair fall shampoo with bringaraja is the right solution for hair fall. It is formulated with authentic botanical herbs that will restore the lost glory of your hair. It will promote hair growth by providing deep nourishment to your hair. It stimulates hair follicle growth and is effective in strengthening the roots. 

Why Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo with Bringaraja? 

With a dash of ayurvedic ingredients, this shampoo will make your hair stronger, healthier and shinier. It conditions and improves your hair texture. This shampoo is also suitable for coloured or permed hair. 


Price: Rs. 649

Deal: Rs. 540

Buy Now

4. MATRIX Opti Care Professional Shampoo 

This shampoo is enriched with shea butter that makes it an ultra smoothing shampoo. It controls frizz and gently moistures your dull and damaged hair. It tames frizz and adds shine to your hair with utmost nourishment. Its super caring formulas are considered to be expert’s favourite choice for smooth and straight professional hair results. 

Why MATRIX Opti Care Professional Shampoo? 

This shampoo is trusted by hairdressers to reduce frizz and make your hair manageable. It not only adds shine but also manageability to leave hair silky smooth. This shampoo smells good and delivers what it claims. 


Price: Rs. 535

Buy Now

C. Hair care conditioners

1. Forest Essentials Hair Conditioner

This hair conditioner is meant to add luster and smoothness to your hair. It conditions, detangles and softens the hair for a healthier texture. It repairs the hair by providing the essential nourishment and makes hair more manageable. In addition, it also lends bounce and glossiness to your drab hair. 

Why Forest Essentials Hair Conditioner?

This hair conditioner contains three main ingredients namely amla, mulethi and coconut oil. These naturally derived ingredients contain antibacterial properties that negate dryness and promote healthy scalp. 


Price: Rs. 1,475

Deal: Rs. 1,350

Buy Now

2. Herbal Essences bio: renew Argan Oil of Morocco CONDITIONER

Looking for a conditioner that will help you in fighting frizz? This conditioner comes to your rescue. It is enriched with real plant extracts and a blend of natural antioxidants such as aloe vera and sea kelp. It is power packed with Vitamins and essential nutrition that your hair needs. 

Why Herbal Essences bio: renew Argan Oil of Morocco CONDITIONER? 

With 4.3 out of 5 star ratings on Amazon, this conditioner has left no space for disappointments. It contains 80 percent of the fatty acids and Vitamin E, both of these ingredients help in hair repair and hair growth. The texture is very creamy and it glides into the hair smoothly.


Price: Rs. 650

Deal: Rs. 520

Buy Now

3. Schwarzkopf Professional Keratin Smooth Perfect Conditioner

This hair care conditioner is enriched with Keratin smooth technology that intensively detangles your hair post hair wash. It also smooths the hair surface, improves the manageability and adds a touch of shine. 

Why Schwarzkopf Professional Keratin Smooth Perfect Conditioner? 

This conditioner protects your hair from humidity as it contains effective formulations. It also replenishes damaged cells from the cuticle, fills gaps present on the scalp, delivers strength, elasticity and healthy shine. 


Price: Rs. 900

Deal: Rs. 810

Buy Now

4. Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Conditioner 

This deeply moisturising conditioner is formulated specially for dry and colour-treated hair. It effortlessly detangles the hair and makes it smooth and shiny. It offers the necessary strength to the weak and damaged hair. 

Why Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Conditioner?

This conditioner is a must-have conditioner that enhances the radiance and richness of colour-treated hair. With its ability to work well with colour treated hair, this conditioner is all that you need at your hands. 


Price: Rs. 2050

Buy Now

D. Hair care kits 

1. Trichup Healthy Hair Care Kit 

This hair care kit contains a neem, aloe vera, henna enriched shampoo, sesame and coconut infused oil and a herbal hair cream. With these three hair care products at your hands, you can keep your hair healthy, long and strong. It provides essential nourishment to your hair with the help of natural herbs. 

Why Trichup Healthy Hair Care Kit? 

This hair care kit gives natural bounce and luster to your dull and damaged hair. It restores the lost moisture and gives life to your lifeless hair. These go-to hair care products will satisfy your desires and deliver everything that it claims. 


Price: Rs. 689

Deal: Rs. 606

Buy Now

2. WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Oil Hair Care Ultimate 4 Kit

This hair care ultimate kit contains four hair care products namely onion oil shampoo, onion oil conditioner, onion oil hair mask and onion hair oil which helps to revive your tired scalp and hair. These hair care products cleanse away buildup and improve the quality of strands seamlessly. 

Why WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Oil Hair Care Ultimate 4 Kit?

If you are concerned about your hair problems, then this ultimate kit will help you tackle hair loss, scalp buildups and dull, weak hair. The strong antioxidant properties will promote blood circulation and boost hair growth. 


Price: Rs. 2,046

Deal: Rs. 1,199

Buy Now

3. Vedix Customized Hair Fall Control Regimen for Normal/Oily Hair

This hair care kit contains three hair care products that you need to combat hair fall. It contains hair oil, shampoo and hair serum. The herbal non-sticky hair oil reduces breakage and boosts overall scalp health. It gently cleanses dirt, excess oils and pollutants while balancing the natural pH on the scalp. 

Why Vedix Customized Hair Fall Control Regimen for Normal/Oily Hair? 

This hair care kit contains products that have a water-soluble formula. It penetrates easily into the scalp and provides nourishment from roots as well as promotes hair growth. It is a sulphate and paraben free hair care kit that will do wonders to your hair and scalp. 


Price: Rs. 2,697

Deal: Rs. 1,348

Buy Now

4. Blue Nectar Luxurious Hair Care Gift Box

This hair care kit is a sure shot winner as it contains hair products like bhringraj and shikakai dandruff shampoo, bhringraj and shikakai dandruff conditioner and tea tree dandruff hair oil. The ingredients are indeed loaded with antioxidant powers and healing properties essential for healthy hair. 

Why Blue Nectar Luxurious Hair Care Gift Box?

With 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this hair care gift box is gender neutral and thus managed to grab the eyeballs for people dealing with hair issues. All the products are 100 percent ayurvedic and free from sulphate, paraben or harmful chemicals.


Price: Rs. 1,595

Deal: Rs. 1,435

Buy Now

These hair care products will definitely act as your savior. They are a rich source of nutrients, nourishments, antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties that will combat every hair related issue of yours. 

Hair care products and their order of usage

Here is the recommended order of applying hair care products just by sitting at home.

1. Hair oil

2. Shampoo or hair cleansers

3. Hair Mask

4. Conditioner

5. Hair serum

6. Hair mousse or thickening spray

7. Heat protectant 

You invest yourself in an intensive skincare regime to amp up your natural beauty. Along with the best skincare products, do invest in an intensive hair pampering session that will improve your hair’s health for a prolonged period of time.


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