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12 Halloween Nail Art Designs and Ideas

Halloween costumes can be difficult to figure out, but you know what’s even harder to pin down? Halloween nails. They have to strike that perfect balance between being on theme while still being evergreen. Long nails covered in orange pumpkins might be great for the holiday, but once the calendar shifts to November, your nail art immediately feels a bit gaudy and cheesy. To help remedy this problem, we scrolled through Instagram for 12 Halloween nail art designs that you’ll be able to wear all fall and winter long.

These Serpent-Inspired Nails

A black and white color theme paired with a negative space design gives this snake-themed nail idea a modern feel.

These Black and Gold Nails

Consider this gold-studded manicure for your Halloween nails. The subtle accents give this French manicure a witchy update.

These Orange-Striped Nails

If you’re against the idea of pumpkin or candy corn nail art, this sleek and multi-hued design is a great way to remain on theme without being kitsch.

These Animal-Themed Nails

Regardless of what feline you decide to dress up as on Halloween, these mismatched animal print nails will be on theme.

Blood drops get a little gory, but this subtle design keeps your nail art on theme for the holiday without being too extra.

Repurpose your colorful French manicure for Halloween by adding several subtle stitch designs to up the spooky factor.

These Celestial-Themed Nails

This shimmery yet understated nail look gives off a whimsical vibe fit for any sparkly Halloween costume.

These Retro-Inspired Nails

Pair your ’70s-themed costume with Halloween nail art that’s just as retro as your outfit. These multi-colored wavy tips are so on trend, you’ll be able to wear them long after October 31st.

These Galaxy-Themed Nails

Dress up an otherwise simple negative space design with a vampy, purple shade and intergalactic accents.

Rather than opting for traditional Halloween shades (think: orange), why not choose a more unexpected shade like pink? It’s a creative aesthetic shift from your classic Halloween hues.

Want a design that leans more minimalist? This low-key ghost nail art idea is right up your alley. It’s not too overt, but it’s still right on theme.

These Orange and Black Nails

This design is a perfect example of how to incorporate orange and black into a manicure without it screaming ‘Halloween’.