10 fashion and beauty trends from the 00’s that defined your childhood

The nineties and the early 00’s were interesting eras for fashion and beauty choices, particularly for us folks up here in Scotland.

Even more interestingly, is the current resurgence of Y2K fashion recently among the younger generation, who seem to be adapting a few of the trends that we millennials thought were so cool at the time.

First of all, we’d like to apologise for any feelings of regret this post may inspire, but you must admit that some of these trends made you feel incredibly cool when you were in high school and trying to prove your status as one of the ‘in kids.’

It will also make you realise there is a whole generation of kids these days who are being raised on professional beauty and fashion influencers, whereas we had the likes of Paris Hilton and MTV for inspiration.

From dresses over trousers, all the way to caking on the Maybelline Matte Mousse, we certainly made a few choices back in the day that would have us internally cringing today.

So shove on some Basshunter or Darren Styles – yes, I am going full Scottish nostalgia on you – and have a look back at some of the trends that were all the rage if you grew up in the early 00’s.

Paris Hilton poses backstage after making an appearance on MTV's Total Request Live in 2006
Paris Hilton poses backstage after making an appearance on MTV’s Total Request Live in 2006

Dresses over trousers

In the early nineties and 00’s more layering was always a good thing.

If you couldn’t decide if you wanted to wear a dress or a pair of trousers, we cool kids just combined them both to make this extra stylish look.

Even better – remember throwing on a chunky belt from Quiz or New Look for extra measure, just in case there wasn’t enough layering going on already?

Maybelline Matte Mousse

Maybelline matte mousse
No teenagers makeup bag was complete without the Maybelline dream matte mousse.

Before the days of contouring, blending, and beauty influencers teaching us about beauty, there was Maybelline Matte Mousse.

No teen lass was ready for school without caking on layers and layers of this “whipped” foundation that was anything but dreamy.

Remember how this stuff used to cling to every spot and pore on your face?

Thank goddness for the beauty influencers who have since taught us the error of our ways.

Tassel combat trousers

Were you one of the cool kids at school if you DIDN’T rock up wearing some baggy combat trousers?

Back before school dress codes got introduced, these tasselled bad boys were all the rage for us millennials, especially when we were in first and second year.

Admit it, though – you’re kind of glad they went out of style real quick.

Popper tracksuit bottoms

Another one of the cool trousers trends that 90’s babies will absolutely remember.

You begged your mum for a pair of Kappa trackie bottoms, but they had to come with those poppers on the side and no matter how many times your mum told you they were silly, you were adamant that they looked cool.

You also failed to tell your mum that they would get caught on everything and expose your legs, because you refused to give her the satisfaction of being, quite frankly, right.

Foundation lips

Can we all just admit that the less said about this one the better?

We all agree?

Alright then, moving on…

Jelly shoes

Jelly shoes
No holiday was complete without these bad boys and you know it.

Was any family holiday complete if you didn’t have a pair of your favourite jelly shoes?

These plastic shoes that rubbed our feet were an absolute staple if you wanted to make a statement, and you got bonus points if they were the sparkly kind.

To be fair, these cheap shoes cost your mum less than a tenner and can now be seen on designer collections for thousands of pounds, so you were technically ahead of the game.

Multiple wrist cuffs and bracelets

Weighing down your arms with a bunch of cheap bracelets, wrist cuffs and sweatbands was absolutely the way to accessorise any outfit and we wouldn’t hear differently.

You used to spend hours in Claire’s or Internacionale getting all the cheap, multi-coloured bracelets you could think off and, in my school, you were one of the cooler kids if you got the ones with tons of glitter and not just plain.

Bonus points for those of us who got the studded wrist cuffs to prove to people that we were different to the crowd!

Anything and everything Burberry

Never say that the Scottish youth weren’t fashionable, as most of us who grew up in the early 00’s know that having a hat or a jacket with the Burberry print was peak Scottish fashion as a teenager.

Not that you paid the designer price tag – it was more like you bought it from the local market stall that you went to with your parents every Sunday.

The whole look was complete with some DJ blasting out of your phone as you walked down the streets with your Burberry get up.

Ties as necklaces

Avril Lavigne

Before you had to wear them for school, wearing a tie as a necklace was actually seen as the cool thing to do, thanks to Avril Lavigne.

Paired with a vest top that had no need whatsoever for tie, because you were just that extra cool.

The look was only completed with cargo pants and a trip to Tammy Girl to really embody them edgy vibes.

Velour tracksuits

Let’s just admit this now, Paris Hilton was one of your biggest style inspirations growing up and you can’t deny it.

From the Von Trucker Hats to the low rise jeans, but it was the velour Juicy Couture-esque velour tracksuit that you HAD to get and it was most likely one of those bright neon pink or green ones from Quiz that were all the rage back in 2005. Come on, you have to remember the ones I am on about.

How many of these iconic millennial trends did you dabble in and which ones didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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